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Are you an avid treasure hunter based in Manitoba, Canada? Have you recently discovered a hidden gem or

artifact that has left you feeling amazed? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Here at OK John Metal Detectors, we are always on the lookout for intriguing stories and unique finds from

passionate metal detecting enthusiasts. We believe that every discovery has a story to tell, and we want to

share your experiences with our community.

That’s why we’re putting out a call for treasure hunting stories from Manitoba. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or

a newbie to the hobby, we want to hear about your adventures and the treasures you’ve uncovered. Maybe you

found a long-lost piece of jewelry, a rare coin, or a historical artifact that has piqued your interest. Whatever it

is, we want to know about it!

To submit your story, simply email Be sure to include as many details as

possible, including magazine articles, what the object is, what it looks like, and any other interesting tidbits

about the discovery. Don’t forget to attach photos or videos if you have them!

If your story is selected, we’ll feature it on our website and social media channels, giving you a chance to share

your love of metal detecting with others. Plus, who knows – your story could inspire others to pick up a metal

detector and start their own treasure hunting journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your Manitoba treasure hunting story with OK John Metal Detectors today!

Remonter les siècles et l’histoire du Manitoba à travers les métaux

En trois ans, Louise Racicot est devenue une «mordue» de la détection de métal.


Long-lost ID bracelet of Scottish air force pilot found buried in Manitoba beach

Randy Gerylo found the underground stash during a recent sweep on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

PHOTO : Ayrshire find on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

What could be hiding in your yard?

Metal-detecting treasure hunter digs deep into history.

PHOTO : Photos by Laurie Mustard / Winnipeg Free Press

Strangers Save Drowning Man

PHOTO: Patricia Paré

Yes everyone that was ME! Lol

6 Buried Treasures in Canada still waiting to be found!

Author: Julien Laporte Photo: McCully/Nova Scotia Archives/Wikimedia Commons


The thrill of the hunt

Photo: Mr. Kelly  Author: Candy Irvin for the South Mountain Press

South Mountain Press Article. Thrill of the hunt.

Detectorists link family with artifact

Author: Erin Debody Photo: John Klyzub for the Brandon Sun


Local Treasure Hunters Uncover Time Capsule

Photo: Mr. Kelly Author:Miranda Leybournes for The Brandon Sun

Westman Help find treasure

Tabs for Wheelchairs

Video: CTV News

South Mountain Press Article. Thrill of the hunt.

Archives of Manitoba Unveils History Maps

Video: CBC News

Old Maps of Manitoba

Manitoba’s Own MetalMan9, Roger Fontaine. A Metal Detecting Journey.


Old Maps of Manitoba






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