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John and Randy’s Legacy: OK John Detectors’ Journey!

In the late 1970s, John Wisnieski envisioned the triumphant launch of OK John Metal Detectors. Fast forward to 2018, when he gracefully passed the torch to Randy Gerylo. Randy, a venerable detectorist with nearly three decades of unwavering dedication, recognized my fervor for the hobby and its tight-knit community. Now, in the dawn of 2023, it falls upon me to seamlessly transition into Randy’s illustrious shoes.

Randy, revered throughout Manitoba, is often hailed as the Gary Drayton of our region. His formidable legacy poses a daunting challenge, one that I eagerly embrace. Throughout my odyssey, Randy has served as an invaluable mentor, guiding me with his wealth of experience and profound wisdom.

As a tribute to his indelible mark on the metal detecting world, his silhouette now proudly adorns the new OK John Metal Detectors logo, ensuring that his legacy remains etched in eternity.

Robin Paul Paré (Windy Digger)

Store owner

Future of Ok John and where it’s going!

Hello everyone,

My name is Rob and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am the new owner of Ok John Metal Detectors. I have always had a passion for metal detecting and history, which led me to purchase Ok John and take it to the next level.

After working as a Graphic Designer for several years, I started the Windy Digger Merchandising Company, which sells apparel and custom keypad skins for metal detectors. Taking over Ok John was the natural next step in my journey.

I was excited to take on the opportunity to acquire Ok John from its previous owners, John Wisniewski (also known as “Ok John”, the owner from 1976-2018) and Randy John Gerylo (owner from 2018-2022).

Since purchasing Ok John in 2023, it has been an exciting adventure for me. I am working hard to bring Ok John into the 21st century by updating the website, social media, and store.

My goal is to inspire, build and grow the metal detecting hobby not only in Manitoba, but throughout Canada. I want others to experience the same joy and passion that I have for this amazing hobby.

Thank you for reading.

Randy and his Son Alex

Randy and his Son Alex

Metal detecting their favourite field. Let’s just say this field would be a metal detectorist dream. They have uncovered over 120 coins from the late 1800s early 1900s. Plus tons of other great items.

Westman Treasure Hunters and Manitoba Metal Detecting Groups unite for a group dig put on by Robert Unik in 2020.

Westman Treasure Hunters and Manitoba Metal Detecting Groups unite for a group dig put on by Robert Unik in 2020.

These are all of the die hards who stuck around after the event to hunter for more treasures. We had to see what else could be found on an old site like this one.

The 2023 Beach Bonanza






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